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Mold is a huge and growing concern for businesses of any size. This fungus is found in damp places and can grow almost anywhere there is moisture. Left unchecked, it can cause health problems for your employees and structural damage to your business. Because mold can produce allergens and irritants and spreads quickly, you want a professional mold removal company to handle the job. That’s why you need to call the expert mold removal contractors here at AllBrite Disaster Restoration! AllBrite is your go-to for emergency mold removal companies near Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts. When it comes to getting the job done right, hiring the right company makes a huge difference! You don’t want to leave the care of your business in just anybody’s hands! When you choose AllBrite you get the peace of mind knowing you get these benefits:

  • 15 years of experience
  • A locally owned and operated business
  • We work with the insurance company
  • An expertly trained team
  • We are on our way in 60 minutes or less
  • Free estimates
  • and we will go above and beyond to leave your home in great shape!

Comercial Mold Removal

Experts say molds need several things to grow and reproduce: they need a food source, the right environment, and moisture. The food source can be any organic material such as leaves, wood, paper, or dirt. Moisture sources can come from flooding, leaking pipes, leaking roofs and foundations, and condensation. Molds will grow whenever conditions are right-but the key to preventing and stopping indoor mold growth is controlling excess moisture. Your business can quickly become infested with mold following a water damage accident like a roof or a pipe leak. Mold can form in as little as 48-72 hours. 

If you think that your business has a mold problem you need to call the emergency commercial mold removal experts here at AllBrite! Our team of experts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any mold emergencies you may have.

Mold Removal Companies Near Me

If you are you looking for 24-hour commercial mold removal companies near Portsmouth, RI, look no further! Our team here at AllBrite Disaster Restoration and Cleaning has you covered! For 15 years our mold removal contractors have been serving businesses in the following locations:

  • Newport
  • Middletown
  • Portsmouth
  • Fall River
  • Dartmouth
  • Fairhaven
  • New Bedford
  • Rehoboth
  • Attleboro, and many more!

Don’t wait to call AllBrite when you need emergency commercial mold removal services

Trust our expert mold removal contractors here at Allbrite to take care of your mold problem quickly and efficiently. So that, you can focus on your business! Call AllBrite today for more information about our mold removal services!


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