Disasters are stressful enough without the added pressure of handling the insurance claim.

Finding out what is and isn’t covered by your policy can be extremely hard. Then working between the provider and the restoration company adds a whole other layer of unneeded headaches. Don’t worry –AllBriteDisaster Restoration and Cleaning has you covered!

The experts at AllBrite understand and know how to handle your situation. Our team is very experienced, and we have the equipment and the support system to ensure the job is done right. We work with your insurance company to ensure they have what they need to get your claim paid. Our team at AllBrite has dealt with various insurance companies so we are prepared to help you and your provider to keep the experience as seamless as possible.

What We Offer



Most policies make a distinction between water damage and flood damage. Standard homeowner policies will cover water damage caused by issues such as burst pipes and plumbing. Damage caused by floods is covered under specific flood insurance policies. We will discuss your options with you and your insurance company.

  • Roof and window damage
  • Backed-up plumbing or burst pipes
  • Basement floods caused by burst pipes



In most cases, standard homeowner policies cover fire damage. Providers usually pay for all the fire-related damages including cleanup of smoke and water damage. Other costs to consider that may be covered by your insurance company; water extraction, contents restoration, and reconstruction.



Damage caused by wind and tornadoes are usually covered by a homeowners policy. When it comes to damage caused by rain, there are rules that apply. So, we work with you to find if your insurance company will pay for your specific damages.

  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Rain
  • Wind and tornadoes



The costs of mold remediation are often covered with some specifications in your policy. We assist you in finding out if your policy covers mold removal. If your mold is due to water emergencies, in most cases, you will be covered.

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